Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Windflower Wedding Weekend


As I prepare for another Windflower Wedding, I reflect on past weddings I have worked on and look forward to many more. As with the upcoming wedding this weekend (May 1, 2009) the weather will be great, thus allowing the gorgeous hues of the day to pop! I am excited and I can't wait.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I've got yellow on my mind!

Nothing shouts spring time like vibrant colors and sunshine! On May 1, 2009, yellow will be all over the place. My client has chosen a very bright and inviting shade of yellow/saffron for her wedding colors and I am happy that The Windflower Collection was able to add sunshine to her special day. When Yama, the bride, contacted me to provide her dresses I was very excited by the choice in style- a sleek, fresh look for her bridesmaids. I spoke with all three bridesmaids and they all loved the style so much; however, their color choice wasn't quite clear. When they finally chose yellow and latte, I felt very inspired. This color combination is not the typical, and as you know, The Windflower Collection is not the typical. I envisioned it mixed with shades of orange and green to create a fresh burst of spring. Yama's wedding is sure to be a very memorable event and I plan to keep my readers updated with bold and beautiful pics. Stay tuned..........

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keeping Up, Keeping Hope

In this business, one MUST be able to keep up with everything! For me, when I say everything I am referring to my client's requests, verbal and sometimes non-verbal. Dressing a bride and her bridesmaids is a major task that I welcome anytime because as we all know, everyone is looking for the WOW factor when she walks in! Her "ladies in waiting" set the tone and the bride is the feature event. To keep up with trends, styles, colors, etc. is of utmost importance and it is my hope that The Windflower Collection continues to satisfy every bride that gives us the the opportunity to dress her for the most important day!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Your favorite or most hated wedding traditions

Personally, I like the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance. Both always bring tears to my eyes, but then again I cry a lot :)
Conversely, I find the so called "high table" very annoying when it is filled with individuals that have not bothered to contact you in the last 20 years, yet they want to be recognized on your big day. Your thoughts?

Describe your dream wedding

I would love to hear a description of your dream wedding. From location, to colors, theme, season, dress, guests, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (you can even describe your dream husband or wife to be:) . I work with many vendors and I can make sure that you are in contact with the right person(s) to make your dream wedding come true.

It's Wedding Season

It's that time of the year and boy am I busy! Busy doing what I love and feeling gratified. Brides- to-be and grooms- to-be are making last minute preparations or just getting started. Whatever the case, trust and believe that I am feeling the excitement as well!

One of my clients is getting married this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait to see the pictures from the event. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the wedding because it is in Nigeria; however, I will be there in spirit with all 10 bridesmaids that will be adorned in dresses from The Windflower Collection!!!!

Here's a big CONGRATULATIONS to Rolayo and Tosin! Best Wishes from The Windflower Collection.